Interagency Collaboration


Community FireSmart and Resiliency Committee

The interface areas surrounding Nelson are a unique mix of land ownership including private, Crown, municipal, BC Parks, and RDCK. To ensure our communities are resilient to wildfire, collaboration between a number of stakeholders at different levels of government is essential. This encompasses local fire departments, land managers, local government representatives, and provincial entities like the BC Wildfire Service and BC Parks.

The Community FireSmart and Resiliency Committee (CFRC), formerly the Nelson and Area Wildfire Risk Reduction Committee (NAWRRC) acts as a vital bridge that unites these partners with a shared vision rooted in the seven FireSmart principles. The CFRC's objective is to facilitate collaboration among primary partners to prepare for wildfires, complete mitigation work, and educate the community about wildfire preparedness.


Recent wildfire events across the province have demonstrated the importance for municipal fire departments to be ready to work effectively with other agencies to manage wildfires. Nelson Fire & Rescue Services (NFRS) actively develops its capacity to handle these emergencies within the city by training with other departments and the BC Wildfire Service (BCWS).

Upcoming Operations

In the spring of 2024, NFRS will work in collaboration with the BCWS and the RDCK to conduct a prescribed burn and joint training exercise near the Svoboda Road parking lot. A 0.7-hectare site has been prepared by pruning and spacing trees to ensure a low-intensity surface fire. When completed, the area will see a significant reduction in wildfire risk through the removal of surface fuels and tree spacing. Careful consideration will be paid to ensure that the bike trails and climbing areas are not disturbed by this project. This joint training exercise will not only serve as a practical platform for NFRS and BCWS to refine their operational coordination but also play a pivotal role in advancing the broader strategy of proactive wildfire management across the province, ultimately contributing to the safety and resilience of our community.