Long Term Bicycle Parking

Employees who commute by bicycle require bicycle parking for the duration of the work day. For this reason, long term bicycle parking is useful at any place where people are employed. Long term bicycle parking is also needed in multi-family residential buildings, where space restrictions or difficulty moving bicycles to homes above ground level may pose challenges for cyclists and potential cyclists.


All long term bicycle parking should be:

  • Located within 50 m of the destination it serves
  • Located either indoors or outdoors in an easily accessible, weather-protected area
  • Located at grade, or accessible without the use of stairs or an elevator
  • If not in a highly visible location, then marked with signage directing cyclists to the parking facility


Long term bicycle parking is often provided in some type of enclosure. Enclosures can be located in existing structures, such as in room or a parking garage, or in purpose-built structures. As an alternative to enclosures fitted with bicycle racks, secure lockers designed to accommodate one bicycle each can be used. At place of employment, long term bicycle parking often features complementary infrastructure such as change rooms and showers for men and women, outlets for charging electric bicycles, and lockers for storage of bicycle helmets and other gear. These types of facilities are encouraged in Nelson, as they help to make bicycle commuting a viable option for more people.

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