What You Can Do?

It can appear to be an overwhelming global problem well beyond the capabilities of individuals and households. However, small actions by many individuals can make a difference.

To make real reductions to our community greenhouse gas emissions and curb our energy usage, individuals can focus on the two key areas of our Building and our Transportation choices. These are by far the biggest contributors to our total community emissions in Nelson and our community energy use.

Long lists of actions can be overwhelming, so we have compiled a compact list of actions to help get you started. Start with these links to get you thinking of solutions that will work best for you!

Alternatives to Single Occupant Vehicles

Action Local Option
Take Transit Nelson Transit
Arrange Carpools Kootenay Rideshare
Walk Lace up your boots, grab your grippers and try walking the beautiful streets of Nelson. Check out Walk Score to find out the walk score of your home or work.
Cycling Nelson Cycling Routes (PDF)

Residential Homes

Additional Information

The sustainability quick links provide further information on how to reduce your personal carbon footprint and to help you engage in sustainability issues in your day-to-day lives!