The purchasing office provides an effective and efficient centralized purchasing service to departments, while maintaining a high standard of internal control. The office is responsible for securing, through generally accepted public and professional purchasing practices, all goods and services required by Nelson that have been approved by Council in the five-year financial plan.

Selling to the City of Nelson

City of Nelson Finance and Purchasing is conscious of its responsibility in the expenditure of public funds. The scope of our activities involves the acquisition of goods and services amounting to millions of dollars annually.

We maintain a competitive bidding process in accordance with municipal and provincial laws. We are encouraging and seeking the participation of all qualified vendors in bidding for the City's various requirements.

We look forward to assisting you in every way possible in order to make your business relationship with the City of Nelson a satisfactory one.


The mandate of the purchasing department is to purchase materials, supplies, equipment, rentals and services as required by various City departments, as economically as possible with regard for price, availability, quality and service, so as to provide the City departments with the best value. This goal is accomplished by standardization and competitive bidding on the basis of adequate specifications whenever possible.

The corporation, through the purchasing department, ensures the City's commitment to the use of environmentally friendly products and services whenever possible, with due consideration to cost. In addition, its mandate is to promote standardization of equipment and supplies whenever possible to encourage effectiveness and efficiencies. The purchasing department also obtains and maintains hired equipment documents and lists, ensures reasonable value is obtained on disposal of surplus goods and is responsible for stores, which handles maintenance, repair and operational inventory.

Buys for the City of Nelson

All purchasing is done by the City's purchasing department, which is the first point of contact for inquiries. If consultation with others in our workforce is desirable, we will arrange an appointment with the right person, thereby ensuring the best use of everyone's time. Please contact the Purchasing Department for further information.

The finance and purchasing manager acts as the legally authorized representative of Council and department heads in dealing with every firm supplying, or aspiring to supply, materials and services to the municipality.

Purchase Times

The purchasing process is initiated by the purchasing department upon request, or by receipt of purchase order from a using department, with appropriate authorization. The requisition specifies the type of desired materials or services, and is used to ensure that adequate funds are available. The purchasing department determines which purchasing process would be most effective as per City Procurement Policy. Purchases are made from local, provincial, national and international sources of supply, depending upon the nature and type of purchase.

The purchasing department determines, in conjunction with the end user, the successful supplier, pricing, terms and conditions, issuance of contracts or orders and follow-ups to ensure proper delivery.

Some Contracts Are Advertised

Tenders, request for proposals, requests for quotes and expressions of interest covering City contracts are advertised as per City purchasing policy. Current postings may be found in the local newspaper, on BC Bid, or our Bid Opportunities page.

Requirements for Contractors Working on Municipal Properties

A valid City of Nelson business licence is mandatory for a contractor or service company conducting business on municipal properties. Proof of the following may also be required:

  • An active Worker's Compensation number or a clearance letter from the Worker's Compensation Board
  • A minimum of $5 million liability insurance, with the Corporation of Nelson named as additional insured
  • Employee criminal checks where necessary
  • Federal, provincial or municipal permits when and where applicable

In most cases the City of Nelson will require contractors to comply with the City's safety requirements and occupational health and safety standards.

The City will be implementing an evaluation as part of all tenders and proposals. These evaluations will be kept on file and used as input for future awards. Please review the Contractor Evaluation form (PDF) completed by our departments and then provided to the vendor following completion of the project.

Details to Watch Out for

  • Be sure your offer or tender is submitted to the purchasing office before the stated closing time, or it will be returned unopened
  • Read the offer and tender documents thoroughly and comply with all the instructions and conditions. We do not want to be in the position of having to reject your offer on a technicality

Bid Opportunities

Please visit the City of Nelson Bid Opportunities page.

Shipping Address & Warehouse Location

Please ensure all goods purchased by the City of Nelson are shipped to our warehouse at 80 Lakeside Drive, Nelson, B.C., unless otherwise specified.

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions (PDF)