EcoSave Step-By-Step


  1. Register
  2. Initial Energy Evaluation
    • Service organization will call you to schedule the initial home energy evaluation. Payment is due at time of booking.
  3. Retrofits (Energy efficiency upgrades)
    • Homeowner gets quotes for retrofit work and materials.
    • If on-bill financing is chosen, application process takes place here.
    • Homeowner completes the work, and/or hires contractor(s) to do the work.
    • Once the work is complete contact the EcoSave Coordinator.
    • If on-bill financing was chosen – submit Request for Payment and equipment forms, and copies of invoices.
  4. Post Retrofit Energy Evaluation
    • A post-retrofit evaluation is scheduled.
    • If the upgrades meet the criteria for current rebate program(s), then the Energy Advisor may apply for the rebate(s) on your behalf.
    • If you are applying for individual rebates, ensure you know the deadline for applying. (In some cases it is 6 months from date of installations).
    • An EnerGuide Label for your home will be sent to you.
  5. Completion
    • Utility usage data is collected, and evaluated by the EcoSave Coordinator to assess program benefits.
    • If on-bill financing was chosen - then payments will be added to your Nelson Hydro utility bill.


  1. Register
    • Forms available at City Hall or online using the Registration Form.
    • Program coordinator will provide information pertaining to business.
  2. Energy Assessment
    • Business can contact the appropriate person to schedule and/or discuss energy efficiency options.
  3. Rebates
    • Business may be able to access rebates or incentives depending on the energy efficiency improvement measures undertaken.

Greg, Staci and family

Energy Evaluation

There are terms and conditions that you will be required to sign at the time of the initial energy assessment, along with consent forms for the collection of utility usage data to determine program energy savings.

On-Bill Financing

There will be a contract with terms and conditions as part of the Loan Agreement. Request for Payment and equipment forms and copies of invoices will need to be completed prior to payment being issued.


If you have questions, please contact the EcoSave Energy Retrofits Coordinator, Carmen Proctor.