Problem Reporting

Contact Information for

  • Damage to underground electrical facilities
  • Damaged residential or commercial services
  • Downed electrical lines
  • Trees on electrical lines

If you need to report a power outage call nelson hydro at 1- 877-324-9376

 (1-877-32-HYDRO).24 hour Toll Free.

During Working Hours

  • Nelson Hydro Customer Service 250-352-8240

Problem Reporting Process

Downed or damaged electrical lines can be deadly. Any lines observed in this condition need to be reported so that they can be made safe and repaired by the appropriate personnel.

  • Treat any downed line as if it is live; never assume the power is off
  • Stay well clear of the area, warn others to also remain clear of the area, contact the proper authorities
  • Do not use a land-based telephone if calling during an electrical storm. The telephone line could become energized if a lightning strike occurs in the area. Use a cell phone or wireless handset

Important Reminder

If a tree falls or leans into an energized electrical line, the tree and the ground at the base of the tree could become energized. Keep a good distance clear. Also, the tree could ignite and start a fire. If a fire occurs call 9-1-1 immediately.

Keep Safe Near Powerlines

Keep Safe Near Power Lines

Aging or Damaged Power Poles

Nelson Hydro has over 6,500 poles in the transmission and distribution system. Many of these poles have been in service for multiple decades, and due to normal exposure to natural elements and insects, are in a less than perfect condition. Nelson Hydro has been conducting a vigorous test and treat program over the past several years. Poles are bored, and core samples are taken to identify areas of failure. The poles are then treated for insect infestation. Poles that indicate rot, either shell rot or core rot, are tagged blue if a steel stub is recommended, or tagged red if replacement of the pole is recommended.

Reporting Damage

If you encounter a pole that seems to have apparent damage, but has no red or blue tag, please contact Nelson Hydro during working hours

  • Nelson Hydro Customer Service 250-352-8214
  • Nelson Hydro Line Office 250-352-8229
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