Sustainability Leadership Awards

The City’s annual Sustainability Leadership Awards program recognizes and publicly appreciates individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations that demonstrate leadership in moving Nelson towards its vision of being a prosperous and resilient community. The award program encourages development of environmentally and economically sustainable business and volunteer practices that contribute significantly to the City’s sustainability goals and objectives as outlined in the Path to 2040 Sustainability Strategy and Nelson’s Official Community Plan.

Individuals can nominate others or themselves. Successful nominees will have demonstrated leadership in moving Nelson towards its vision of being a prosperous, resilient community— one with robust ecosystems and safe and welcoming neighbourhoods where diversity, history and culture are all equally celebrated. Nominations will be judged on these five criteria:

Cultural Strength - “Celebrating and embracing our history and our diversity through using our many arts, traditions heritage and recreation assets to enrich the quality of life for all citizens”.

Healthy Neighbourhoods - “Safe, welcoming, connected place with meaningful opportunities to interact with neighbours of all ages and income levels”.

Robust Ecosystems “Ensuring natural systems are flourishing in Nelson”.

Prosperity - “Fostering a diverse, value-added economy that provides meaningful employment opportunities and supports healthy and affordable lifestyles”.

Resiliency - “Maintaining and enhancing the economic, social, ecological and cultural systems that strengthen our ability to withstand future challenges”.

Individuals, businesses or non-profit award recipients each receive $1,150.

Council’s Sustainability Leadership Awards Policy is available here.

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Tel: (250) 352-8254