New Regulations

The new regulations were approved by Council on December 5th, 2016 and came into effect on January 1st, 2017. More information on the development of the current regulations can be found here. The regulations include:

  • 3 types of STR licences – annual, summer (May 1st to August 31st), and 31-day
  • There is a cap of 110 annual licences and 40 summer licences; there is no cap on 31-day licences, however there can only be one per property per year
  • Maximum of three licences in total per block (combined annual and summer) – doesn’t include 31-day licences
  • Three types of STR dwellings – guest homes, guest rooms and guest suites (secondary or detached secondary suites)
  • Except for summer licences, they all require you to be the primary resident. This is to accommodate those renting to students where the students leave for the summer, and it allows them to do short-term rentals for the summer months.
  • The Manager of Development Services has the ability to approve or not approve summer licences
  • Maintained the existing parking requirements, however one stall may be provided on an adjacent property or across the lane
  • Each property can have up to one annual licence and another licence of less than 6 months (summer or 31-day licence)
  • All annual licence holders must have a Nelson Kootenay Lake Tourism membership
  • All licences require a $500 deposit, except for the grandfathered licences (of which we have 7)
  • Grandfathered licences are also exempt from cancellation if property ownership changes, and from the requirement to list the business licence number, number of parking spaces and maximum guest occupancy on booking platforms
  • All licences require a building and fire inspection every three years
  • Maximum of 2 adults per guest room, 4 per guest suite and 6 per guest house
  • Must have a contact person who responds within 15 minutes to phone calls and lives within 30 km of the property
  • STR operators need to apply by December 15th each year to ensure that they maintain their spot in the queue for the next year. After December 15th, applicants will be subject to the caps – 110 annual licences and 40 summer-only licences.