EcoSave Energy Retrofit Program


Get Help, Save Money, and Increase the Comfort and Value of Your home. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Receive an energy evaluation at a discounted rate
  • Learn how much energy you’re using & how to reduce costs
  • Access rebates, low-cost financing, a contractor guide & energy coaching

The City of Nelson is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and has created the EcoSave Program.

Does heat escape from your home?

Ecosave is helping residents from the City of Nelson identify if their home is losing heat. With better information we can work together to reduce energy consumption and lower greenhouse gases in our community.

EcoSave Energy Retrofits Program FAQs

What is the EcoSave program?

A simplified process has been designed for Nelson Hydro customers, who are homeowners, to have a home energy evaluation to determine what energy efficiency upgrades (retrofits) can be done to reduce energy consumption and lower greenhouse gas emissions, and to access current rebate offers.

Why has this program been developed?

The EcoSave Energy Retrofits Program has been established as one of the key strategies for the City of Nelsons Low Carbon Path to 2040, Community Energy and Emission Action Plan.

Who can register?

The owner of the home or business may register for the program. The home or business must be located in the Nelson Hydro service area. Rental spaces are eligible, the owner must register for the program. Contact program coordinator for more information.

How can I register?

Registration can be completed by clicking on the registration button, or forms are available at City Hall, or contact program coordinator to request a form by email or have one completed by phone.

What happens after I register?

After you submit your registration form, you will be contacted and a home energy evaluation will be scheduled, you will receive a Welcome to EcoSave email with rebate and contractor information. 

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Who performs the home energy evaluation?

A Certified Energy Advisor who is licensed and certified through Natural Resources Canada and working for a service organization.

What is the cost of the home energy evaluation?

Contact program coordinator for current pricing.

When is payment collected?

Payment is due at the time of the scheduling of the energy evalution.

How will I remember what recommendations have been made?

The Certified Energy Advisor will mail or email a customized retrofit plan to you. This energy efficiency evaluation report will include all of the recommendations that were discussed during the visit, plus an energy efficiency rating score (EnerGuide label) for your home.

Is there an approved contractor list for the EcoSave program?

No. Contractors will not be pre-qualified nor referred for the program. It is the sole decision of the homeowner which contractor to hire. For simplicity we have included a contractor contact list, meant only for convenience. You may choose additional contractors over and above the list. For more information and tips on hiring a contractor go to Canadian Home Builder's Association.

Do I have to complete the energy efficiency recommendations by the Certified Energy Advisor?

No. It is not a program requirement to complete the recommended retrofits. However, it is the objective of the EcoSave program to encourage Participants to improve energy efficiency by completing some or all of the recommended upgrades. Financing options are available.

What is an EnerGuide Rating?

An EnerGuide rating, label and report will help you better understand your home’s energy performance, which may help you lower your energy use.

On-Bill Financing

What is on-bill financing?

On-bill financing refers to the loan service available through the City of Nelson for eligible energy efficiency upgrades and will be repaid by the Nelson Hydro customer on their electric bill.

Who can apply for on-bill financing?

Must meet the following criteria:

Nelson Hydro customer who resides in the home within the City of Nelson, and must own the home and land.

How are loans approved?

Loans will be approved on payment history and property verification, no personal income/debt/credit details need to be provided.

How much can I borrow?

Maximum loan amount is $16,000, choice of 5 or 10 year term, 3.5 % fixed interest rate (rate is subject to change)

*A $100 processing fee is applied to the loan each time funds are dispersed to the Participant

What type(s) of retrofits can be financed?

On-bill financing can be used for any energy efficiency retrofits that are eligible for rebates, with the addition of water conservation type toilets. Other items and costs that provide a positive energy or water reduction may be determined by the program coordinator, and may be considered eligible for on-bill financing.

Is it mandatory to apply for on-bill financing as a Participant in the EcoSave program?

No. On-bill financing is optional.

What happens if the house sells before the loan is paid off?

The loan will need to be paid in full upon the sale of the house.

Can the loan be paid in part or whole before the end of the term?

Yes, a loan can be paid off early or a lump sum can be applied at any time without penalty.

Who pays the contractor?

The contractor is to be paid by the Participant.

Can the Participant complete the work?

Yes. Only the material cost may be financed if the Participant is doing the work, not the labour cost.

Can both a contractor and a Participant complete the work?

Yes. The program forms that need to be filled out have specific areas for contractors and/or Participants.

What happens if there is a default on the loan?

The on-bill financing loan will form a component of the Nelson Hydro utility bill and will be subject to the normal utility collection procedures including service disconnects and addition of outstanding amounts to property tax.

Do I have to complete a home energy evaluation in order to apply for on-bill financing?

No. Depending on the date, you can use an energy evaluation that was completed outside of the program; you will need to determine if you can still access the current rebate program. Home energy evaluations are encouraged for a number of reasons; however, in some cases approval is granted without one.

How do I apply?

You can email Carmen Proctor to request an application.