How is the credit approval determined?

It will be based on the Nelson Hydro, Property Tax, and Other Utility residential accounts in good standing for up to 2 years and have two years of credit history, either with Nelson Hydro or another utility. For more information, please contact the EcoSave Program Manager at 250-352-8132.

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1. What is on-bill financing?
2. Who can apply for on-bill financing?
3. What are the loan details?
4. What type(s) of retrofits can be financed?
5. Is it mandatory to apply for on-bill financing as a Participant in the EcoSave program?
6. What happens if the house sells before the energy retrofit on-bill financing loan is paid off?
7. Can the loan be paid in part or whole before the end of the term?
8. Who pays the energy retrofit contractor?
9. Can the Participant complete the energy retrofit work?
10. Can both a contractor and a Participant complete the energy retrofit work?
11. Can there be more than one energy retrofit contractor?
12. How is the credit approval determined?
13. What happens if there is a default on the loan?
14. Is there a time limit on completing the energy retrofits in order to qualify for on-bill financing?
15. Do I have to complete a home energy evaluation in order to apply for energy retrofit on-bill financing?
16. How do I apply?