What is the City of Nelson able to regulate?

As a general rule, municipalities can regulate where certain land uses or activities may occur (‘what can be where’). The City of Nelson will be consulting the public on:

  • Retail sales: zoning and business licensing to determine where cannabis stores may be located.
  • Public consumption: identifying where consuming cannabis will be allowed in Nelson. The Clean Air Bylaw restricts where people can smoke or vape tobacco and cannabis. This includes a 7-metre buffer from commercial and public building entranceways, schools, parks, amenity areas, and transit stops. Council wants to know if public consumption should continue to be the same as tobacco or become more restrictive, similar to liquor.
  • Personal cultivation: the province may allow municipalities to set rules on public visibility and security requirements for growing cannabis plants at home rules to ensure public safety and limited nuisances (such as odours and visibility).

The extent of municipal government’s jurisdiction is determined by the Province. This is especially the case with controlled substances. Upcoming provincial decisions may broaden or restrict the scope of what cities like Nelson will be able to regulate at a local level.

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