My household or business did not receive a feedback form in the mail.

If you live within City limits, the form is anticipated to arrive in your mailbox during the week of February 12th. If you have not received one by February 19th, please visit Development Services, 2nd floor of City Hall at 310 Ward Street, open 8.30am until Noon and 1:30pm until 4:30pm, Monday to Friday. Please bring identification and proof-of-address.

The City has done its best to ensure that each dwelling unit receives a mailing, but errors may have occurred. Note that home-based businesses will not receive a separate feedback form, as a resident feedback form will be mailed to that address.

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1. I thought cannabis was already legal. What is happening now?
2. What is the City of Nelson able to regulate?
3. The federal government has made the decision to legalize cannabis. What else is being decided by the federal government?
4. What decisions has the Province of British Columbia made about cannabis legalization?
5. Why is it important for the City to pass local regulations prior to legalization?
6. What about Nelson's medical cannabis rules?
7. I’ve heard that Nelson has a moratorium to freeze the creation of new cannabis businesses. Why?
8. Our residential address has received a feedback form in the mail, but more than one household lives in our home.
9. My household or business did not receive a feedback form in the mail.
10. Why is the City’s feedback process not online?
11. Will ‘cannabis cafes’ be legal once cannabis is legal?
12. Will ‘edibles’ (cannabis food products) be legal?
13. Where will cannabis be allowed to be grown in Nelson once legal?
14. How will cannabis retail stores obtain their product?
15. What about public safety and health concerns?
16. What happens once cannabis is legalized?
17. How can I open a cannabis business in Nelson?
18. Will there be government-owned retail cannabis stores?
19. Where can I find more FAQs?