Why am I having trouble viewing hydroportal.nelson.ca website?

Quite often website problems are due to unsupported or older web browsers. If you have trouble viewing a webpage, or the webpage doesn’t present information properly, please try using a different web browser. We suggest trying the latest version of one of these: Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. 

 If you have any further questions or concerns, please give our Customer Service Representatives a call at 250-352-8206 and we will be happy to assist you.

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1. Where can I find my Customer and Account number on my Nelson Hydro bill?
2. Will I still get a paper copy of my hydro bill when I sign up for account access through the online portal?
3. I have multiple accounts. How do I make them all paperless billing?
4. Can I pay my hydro bill without registering for or logging into my online account?
5. Why can’t I see or download all of my hydro bills?
6. I am on a Pre-Authorized Payment Plan with Nelson Hydro. Will signing up for online account access affect my payment plan?
7. Why am I having trouble viewing hydroportal.nelson.ca website?