How long will my filters last? How do I replace my filter?

The filter will need to be refilled every 3-6 months (depending on use) or approximately 500 cycle hours (whichever comes first).

The FoodCycler™ uses refillable carbon filters to neutralize odours while processing food waste. If your appliance notifies you that a filter change is needed or if you begin to notice odour, follow the instructions on page 8 in the FoodCycler™ Manual or watch the Program Tutorial to learn more.

  • Carbon pellets are available, free of charge, for residents of Nelson at Safeway, 211 Anderson St. Nelson.
  • At the refill station, take only what you need. Carbon pellets must be used in your FoodCycler™ immediately to work effectively.
  • Used pellets - at this time, pellets cannot be added to the soil amendment and must be discarded into the garbage. We hope to find a biodegradable solution shortly.

Please check here for updates.

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