What are some of the benefits of registering with EcoSave?
  • A reduced rate of the initial home energy evaluation
  • The energy evaluation is scheduled for you
  • Access to current rebates
  • From time to time there may be free energy efficiency products to choose from
  • Simple step-by-step process to follow
  • Program coordinator can offer support within the process of the program
  • Financial options to choose from
  • Improved energy efficiency and comfort in your home

For more information, please contact the EcoSave Program Manager at 250-352-8132.

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1. What is the EcoSave program?
2. Why has this program been developed?
3. Is there a program target for energy savings?
4. Who funds this program?
5. What is the role of the EcoSave Program Manager?
6. Who can register?
7. How can I register?
8. What happens after I register?
9. Who performs the home energy evaluation?
10. What is the cost of the home energy evaluation?
11. When is payment collected?
12. How will I remember what recommendations have been made?
13. Is there an approved contractor list for the EcoSave program?
14. As a Participant in the program do I have to complete the energy efficiency recommendations by the Certified Energy Advisor?
15. What are some of the benefits of registering with EcoSave?
16. What are some of the benefits of improving energy efficiency in my home?
17. Will I need to sign anything?
18. What do I do when I have completed the retrofits?