Fire Safety & Public Education

Nelson Fire and Rescue Services sees fire safety promotion and public education as an important part of our commitment to protecting our community.

Fire Safety

Many items around your home can cause a fire hazard if not used correctly and with care.

Public Education Programs

The following safety programs are available to businesses and residents of Nelson and are presented by the Nelson Fire and Rescue Public Educator, Fire Prevention Officer, or Fire Training Officer.

  • Elementary school program, including Fire Prevention Week, Burn Awareness Week and the annual Fire Drill Competition
  • Preschool, youth group and tourist visits and tours at the fire hall
  • Juvenile Fire Setters program for children
  • Fire safety planning for homes and businesses in Nelson
  • Fire extinguisher training
  • Emergency Management and Preparedness
  • FireSmart program

Please contact us for more information.

Fire Prevention Week (October 7-13, 2018)

Nelson Fire and Rescue Services has a history of strong Fire Prevention Week Education and Smoke Alarm programs, winning several awards over the decades.

One of the best ways to protect your family is to ensure you have at least one working smoke alarm in your home.

  • Test once a month (press the test button)
  • If the battery is more than a year old, replace it
  • If the alarm itself is older than 10 years, replace the whole alarm (even if it's one of the hard-wired types), smoke alarms lose sensitivity over time and after 10 years of service, most will be 30% slower to react to a fire

Check out National Fire Protection Association to learn more.

Fire Prevention Week Initiatives

During Fire Prevention Week the Nelson Fire Department visits homes in select areas of Nelson to help citizens check their smoke alarms and answer any questions about the FireSmart Awareness Program (wildfire preparedness) or general fire safety. If we don’t get to your house during the week but you would like us to come by, contact our office. We’ll help you learn about smoke alarm selection, installation, and maintenance.

During the month of October the Nelson Fire Department offers fun opportunities to embrace fire safety, including partnerships with Panago Pizza, school safety surveys, and the “I wanna be fire chief for a day!” competition.

For more information visit National Fire Protection Association.

Fire ladder by school