Downtown Parking Strategy

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* Please note the Parking Ticket Amnesty period ended on           January 19, 2019.

Metered Parking Stalls

Nelson has approximately 750 parking stalls that are serviced by either a meter or a PayStation (kiosk). Paid parking is in effect from Monday through Saturday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

  • 25 cents for every 12 minutes ($1.25 per hour)
  • Meters accept quarters, $1 coins, and $2 coins
  • Most metered spaces have a 2-hour maximum. There are several blocks with 4-hour meters and one block with all-day meters. 
  • Be sure to read the label on the parking meter you are at. Parking longer than the posted maximum time is not permitted.
  • When parking on the 400 and 500 blocks of Hall Street, pay at the PayStation located at the northeast corner of Hall and Baker Streets
  • PayStations accept coins and credit cards
  • View Paystation FAQs (PDF)
  • Free motorcycle parking stalls are available throughout the downtown
  • Designated handicapped parking is available throughout the downtown for vehicles with a valid handicap parking permit. Vehicles displaying a permit may park for up to two hours.

Parking Regulations on Unsigned Streets

Parking is not permitted for more than 72 hours continuously.

On-Street Commuter Parking (Cedar Street)

There are 21 all-day commuter parking meters on the 300 block of Cedar Street, between Front and Vernon, at a flat rate of $5 per day. Payment is either with $5 in coin at the meters, or by using a prepaid day pass. Day passes are available for purchase at City Hall, either one at a time or in bulk. 

To use a Cedar Street day parking pass, the driver writes the licence plate and current date on the pass once parked at one of the commuter parking stalls and then places it on the dashboard. The ability to fill in the date allows the driver to use the pass spontaneously.


Nelson has one parkade located in the downtown core on the 400 block of Vernon Street.

Motorists parking for parking longer than 2 hours are encouraged to utilize the parkade. Day parking (8 hours) at a metered stall costs $10, whereas the daily rate in the parkade is $5.

Daily Rates

24-Hour Rate

Monthly Rates

  • $1.50 per hour (Minimum)
  • $5 per day
    (Until 6 p.m.)
  • $4 per overnight
    (6 p.m. until 6 a.m.)

Minimum Stay: 3 days

  • $8 per 24 hours

  • 2nd to 4th floors: $80 per month
  • 5th floor:
    $70 per month
  • Roof level:
    $50 per month


Contact Jordan Martin at (250) 250.352.8100 or

Discounts are available for 6-month rentals.

Loading Zones and Lane Parking

Vehicles are permitted to use a loading zone for up to three minutes for the loading and unloading of passengers, or up to 10 minutes for goods. A valid commercial vehicle licence decal is required to use a commercial loading zone.

Whenever access can be had to any laneway, all deliveries or collections of goods to or from any commercial building shall be made there from.

No parking is permitted in a laneway except for the loading or unloading of goods from a vehicle, in which case parking is permitted for up to 15 minutes.