Who We Are

Alanna Carmichael Manager, NDYC

Alanna brings a  wealth of experience as she's worked in municipal government for over  10 years. She holds a Bachelor of Education along with a Bachelor's  Degree focused in Kinesiology and History from Simon Fraser University.  Her work experience includes community development, programming,  education and much, much more. She recently made the move out of the  lower mainland and is looking forward to strapping on her snowboard and  hitting the slopes this winter.

Alora Parks Youth Support Worker

Alora was born in Fredericton NB and moved to Wellington New Zealand shortly after she was born.   After traveling around Canada, her family decided to settle in Nelson BC, and she couldn’t be happier to call this home. Alora has worked with youth and families in the Kootenays for 7 years as Program Coordinator for after school youth programs, volunteering with the SVYCC and other events like destination imagination.  Alora has worked as a Youth Support worker at NDYC for 8 months, planning spring and summer camps. She enjoys planning various activities and events as well as working with youth and plans on taking a relevant career path in the near future.

Cory Strom Youth Support Worker/Skate Board Instructor

Cory is dedicated and passionate about skateboarding. He's been at it for over 19 years! He has spent the last few years coaching with various schools in the Kootenays. Need some pointers or someone to play a game of S.K.A.T.E. with? Just ask him!

Eilidh Nesbit Youth Support Worker

Ashton Coleman Youth Support Worker

Tina Rubak Youth Support Worker