Sign Bylaw Review

The City of Nelson has initiated a review process for its Sign Bylaw. As this Bylaw had not been reviewed since 1983, it was determined that it would be best to simply write a completely new document. Capture

As part of the review process, the City has focused on consulting with stakeholders that are often users of the Bylaw such as the local sign industry and the business community. However, it is the hope that any interested members of the public provide feedback through this page. The consultation plan summarizes the consultation process. 

During the bylaw review process it was determined that some of the content of the current Sign Bylaw regulations are still relevant. That being said, the general idea with the rewrite of the Bylaw is moreso to make it easier to understand and use. Nonetheless, some changes to the Bylaw are being contemplated. The summary Sign Bylaw document highlights the changes to the Bylaw.

The new proposed Sign Bylaw can be reviewed by clicking on the following link: Draft Sign Bylaw

Any feedback, comments or questions on the proposed Sign Bylaw are greatly appreciated. Please communicate with Sebastien Arcand, Senior Planner at 

Next Steps

Staff intends to bring this Bylaw forward to Council in March 2019 for adoption. 

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