Nelson Hydro COVID-19 Bill Deferment Plan

Nelson Hydro is returning to normal operations as of July 1st  

What does this mean for our residential customers?

This means that we will be returning to normal billing procedures and processing as of July 1st.

We will be following typical billing practice which means that we will resume sending out penalty, past due, and disconnection notices for all overdue accounts.

Customers that have not brought their accounts into good standing or entered into the COVID-19 Bill Deferment Plan by July 10th will begin receiving overdue notification.

Penalties on overdue accounts will resume as of July 10th but there will be no penalties applied for billing after March 16th until June 30th.  Disconnections for nonpayment will begin the week of August 10th.

COVID-19 Bill Deferment Plan

We recognize that COVID-19 has resulted in financial hardship for many of our customers, particularly those that have experienced job loss, have had to close their businesses, or are otherwise unable to work due to COVID-19.

To support our residential customers during these challenging times, we’re introducing the COVID-19 Bill Deferment Plan to help smooth out the cost incurred during the COVID-19 response.

Those that have been impacted financially by COVID-19 may sign up to join our Bill Deferment Plan which will enable them to pay their balances incurred from March 16th to June 30th in 12 equal payments over 12 months from July 2020 until August 2021.

The Bill Deferment Plan will utilize our Pre-authorized Payment Plan (PAP) already in place.  Bill payments will automatically be withdrawn from your bank account each month. That means no more writing cheques, waiting in lineups, paying postage or late payment charges. Plus, there is no fee for signing up for this program.

This monthly payment would include a forecasted amount of future consumption based on the previous year of consumption and the deferred amounts accumulated between March 16th and June 30th.

Customer Guidelines for the COVID-19  Bill Deferment Plan:

  1. Customer account must be in good standing as of March 16th, 2020 with no amounts past due.
  2. Any bills due after March 16th until June 30th are eligible for the Bill Deferment Plan.
  3. If a bill was due prior to March 16th, and was not paid, it must be paid before going on the Bill Deferment Plan.
  4. If the account was in arrears prior to COVID-19 and the customer wishes to be put on the Bill Deferment Plan, all old balances must be paid in full up to March 16th before being accepted.
  5. Customers wishing to take part in the Bill Deferment Plan must commit to the full 12 month repayment plan.
  6. Customer will need to provide a void cheque or banking info from their bank in order to set up the preapproved withdrawals.
  7. Tenants must also advise their landlords that they wish to be part of the Bill Deferment Plan.  All tenants requesting to be part of the plan must have approval from their landlord in writing (email). The landlord will be provided with a copy of the form which will include the total owing on the account that is past due and the monthly repayment amount. The landlord must also sign off on the agreement and submit the form to Nelson Hydro with their approval.
  8. Customers may sign up for the program after June 22nd until July 10th.
  9. If the account defaults a payment and it is not rectified within one week of being notified by our office, the account will be removed from the Bill Deferment Plan wherein the full balance will be due and you may be added to the disconnection list.

How to apply:

Our application form for customers is now available. Eligible customers can submit your request any time until July 10th, 2020 to be a part of the COVID-19  Bill Deferment Plan.



Please use this fillable form, "save as" to your files, print, sign and submit to


Not eligible for this program?

If you are not eligible for the COVID-19 Bill Deferment Plan but wish to discuss your account, please contact our Customer Service Representatives at 250-352-8206 or email