The Great Escape Program

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Does heat escape from your home? The Great Escape is a 1-year initiative implemented by Nelson Hydro to help homeowners discover where heat is escaping and how to improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption and save money. Click the image to search for your house.

Privacy Information: Thermal imagery is collected using a thermal sensor attached to the bottom of an airplane. We only collect mid-wave thermal infrared energy (3-5 µm) emitted from the surface of the features (i.e., houses, roads, vegetation) composing the scene at the time of acquisition. We do not collect or have access to, any information regarding the number of occupants in a house, their age, gender, race, income, or the occupancy status of the home. We also cannot identify any contents within the home. This imagery is not collected in real time. Privacy Policy of MyHeat Inc.

CBC News Story on Heat Mapping and EcoSave Energy Retrofit Program 

Can't locate your home on the map? Contact EcoSave Program Manager.