How can I open a cannabis business in Nelson?

Currently, no new cannabis businesses, medical or otherwise, are permitted in Nelson at this time.

The Province is expected to begin accepting applications for provincial licenses prior to July 2018. An applicant will have to meet all local, provincial, and federal regulations. The current medical dispensaries will need to apply for a provincial licence to continue to operate, which requires meeting all local, provincial, and federal regulations. It is anticipated that they will be treated the same as any other applicant.

Even once the federal government has formally legalized cannabis, both the provincial and municipal levels of government will need to have regulations in place before cannabis businesses are authorized to operate. The City of Nelson expects to have new regulations prior to legalization. The public will be thoroughly consulted in the coming months on what those rules could be. All cannabis-related businesses will have to comply with federal, provincial, and municipal regulations and obtain all necessary licencing, including a business licence from the City of Nelson.

It is anticipated that both local government and the public will be able to comment on private retail applications prior to the Province making a decision to approve or deny an application.

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