Can Landed Immigrants vote?

No, you must be a Canadian Citizen to vote.

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1. What are the qualifications to vote?
2. What is a RESIDENT elector?
3. What is a NON-RESIDENT elector?
4. What if I own my property with other people?
5. Why do non-resident property electors need to provide a copy of their land title?
6. Can Landed Immigrants vote?
7. Can people living on First Nation/lndian lands vote?
8. Is voting by Proxy permitted?
9. If a person owns more than one property, can they vote once for each property?
10. Is there a corporate vote? (i.e. Can someone vote in the name of the business they own or for property owned by a corporation?)
11. What are the penalties for not following election laws?
12. Who enforces general local election rules?
13. Can I have a translator help me vote?
14. Can I take someone into the voting booth to help me?
15. Am I allowed to assist someone to vote who has a physical disability or other difficulty?
16. What can I do if I believe someone has committed an election offence?