How have rural rates compared to city rates over time?

Rates have always been higher in the rural area for commercial and street light customers as compared to the City of Nelson. The rural residential rates were also higher for almost 75 years until 1995 when City Council chose to raise city rates to equal rural residential rates to generate additional funds to begin a long-term capital renewal program.

This was at a time when the cross arms on the Hydro poles that hold up the live wires, were literally falling off the poles and lying on the street in the city.  The increase in 1995 was meant to be a temporary increase, but the need for capital renewal funds necessitated City Councils to continue with these higher city rates to generate those needed funds.  The impact of the capital program on rates in both the City and Rural areas was not quantifiable until the COSA was completed.

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9. How have rural rates compared to city rates over time?