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2023 Harvest Fest Vendor Application

    1. Thank you for applying to Harvest Fest! We look forward to reviewing your application. Please allow a minimum of two weeks for our staff to process your application. It is mandatory for all applicants to thoroughly review the Nelson Farmers Market Vendor Handbook before attending the Market. 
      We require two weeks notice for any cancellations for large events such as Harvest Fest. Vendors will be required to pay the total fee of $65.00 if two weeks notice is not given for cancellations. 

  1. harvest fest large crowd
  2. Food vendors are required to have their current Foodsafe certification

    Do you have your current Foodsafe certification?

  3. Do you consent to having photos taken of your booth and staff for social media?
  4. Nelson Farmers Market Vendor Handbook

    I have read the Nelson Farmers Market rules and regulations outlined in the Vendor Handbook found at 

    By Clicking yes, you agree to the Nelson Farmers Market Vendor handbook rules and regulations.

    Please note* you will not be able to vend until you have agreed to the terms above.

    Any questions can be directed to 

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