Fuel Tracking

Tracking and Reporting Your Fuel Use

Common Questions and Best Practices for Vendors

WHY am I required to track my fuel use for contracts with the City of Nelson? 

  • Nearly all local governments in the City of Nelson region are actively participating in the Local Government Climate Action Program (LGCAP). This program mandates local governments to report corporate emissions, including contractor emissions, as part of its commitment to supporting actions aimed at reducing emissions and preparing communities for the impacts of a changing climate.
  • The definition of “corporate operations” includes emissions from certain contracted services. Beginning January 1, 2024, the City of Nelson will collect fuel data from vendors of these services for new and renewed contracts.

WHAT do I have to track and report?

  • The only thing that is required from you as the vendor is a report of your vehicle and equipment fuel use for any work relating to your City of Nelson contract(s). 
  • The fuels that require reporting are:
    • Gasoline
    • Diesel
    • Bio-diesel
    • Propane
    • Natural Gas

*NOTE: Electric vehicles are considered to have zero emissions and are not included.

WHEN do I have to report my fuel use?

  • You will be asked to report your fuel use on every invoice you submit to the City of Nelson. However, the City of Nelson will work with you to establish a reporting schedule that meets your constraints should you have any

HOW do I report my fuel to the City of Nelson?

  • To report your fuel, you will be asked to attach a very simple form to your invoices, whether they are typed or handwritten. The form can be downloaded from our website. See sample: 

Click on the image below for a sample Excel fuel reporting template:

Sample Fuel Tracking Spreadsheet

  • It is also acceptable to integrate this requested information directly into your invoice.

HOW do I track my fuel?

  • Some options include:
    • Record your daily fuel use and add the fuel use from these days together for the invoice period.
    • Record your fuel use per week and apportion the right amount to your City of Nelson contract days.
    • Divide your monthly fuel consumption by the number of days in the month, and multiply this number by the number of days in that month spent on City of Nelson contract(s).
    • Use devices that automatically record fuel data directly from vehicles and equipment that can be downloaded to a database on your computer.
    • Develop a database that can be updated easily with your fleet’s daily/weekly fuel data.


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