Bicycle Parking

Nelson Bike Cage

The Nelson Bike Cage is located at the Nelson City parkade on the first floor. The Bike Cage provides a secure, indoor parking facility for bicyclists. Click here to visit our parking page to learn how to benefit from it.

Off-Street Parking & Landscape Bylaw

The Off-Street Parking and Landscape Bylaw includes regulations for bicycle parking in new developments and buildings.

Bicycle Parking Design Guidelines

The City of Nelson's Active Transportation Plan identifies limited bicycle parking as a major issue that should be addressed in order to encourage cycling in Nelson. Bicycle Parking Design Guidelines have been prepared to help guide the installation of new bicycle parking. Proper design and siting of bicycle parking can reduce the life-cycle cost of this infrastructure, reduce public concerns over inappropriate installation, and ensure that user needs and preferences are met. The guidelines include recommendations for bicycle rack types and siting that are most appropriate on both City streets and private property, for both short term and long term bicycle parking. 

Please also see the Government of British Columbia's Active Transportation Design Guide


  • Short Term Bicycle Parking means a short term visitor bicycle parking facility that offers some security and may be partially protected from the weather.
  • Long Term Bicycle Parking means a secure, weather protected bicycle parking facility used to accommodate long term parking, such as for residents or employees.


There are two basic requirements for bicycle parking - choosing a good location, and then the right rack to put in that location. Desirable locations and rack types differ depending on the context and whether the bicycle parking is intended for short term or long term use.