Short Term Bicycle Parking

Short term bicycle parking is needed at places that people visit for shorter duration, for example at shops and restaurants, service centres, parks and attractions, and transit facilities.


All short term bicycle parking should be:

  • Located in a convenient, well-lit, and highly visible location that is accessible by visitors
  • Separated from car parking by a physical barrier or sufficient space
  • Located so as not to interfere with pedestrians
  • Located along a principal line of approach to a building, not more than 15 metres from a building entrance
Coat hanger style bike rack

Sidewalk Bicycle Racks

In areas where buildings are set close to sidewalks, bicycle racks should be placed in the public right-of-way. Where sidewalks are greater than 3.0 m wide and there is sufficient space between street trees, utility poles, and street furniture, bicycle racks can be located on the sidewalk in the furnishing area, or on bulb-outs or curb extensions. So as not to impede pedestrian traffic flow, bicycle racks located on sidewalks should be oriented so that bicycles are positioned parallel to the curb.

Bicycle Racks on Private Property

In areas where buildings are set back from sidewalks, bicycle parking should be located on private property rather than in the public right-of-way. Bicycle parking on private property should be located so as to meet all four conditions for short term bicycle parking listed above. Permission of property owners must always be obtained prior to installing bicycle parking on private property.

Bicycle Racks on City Property

Installation of bicycle parking on City-owned property requires prior approval from the City of Nelson. To request a bicycle rack on City property, please contact Karen MacDonald, Public Works and Parks Supervisor.