Write to Council

The public may wish to correspond with Council. Letters should be addressed to: 

Mayor and Council
101 - 310 Ward Street
Nelson BC V1L 5S4

Or send by fax to:
Mayor and Council
Fax: 250-352-2131


If you wish to address Mayor and Council at a Council meeting you must make arrangements to appear as a Delegation with the Corporate Officer. For detailed information on how to appear as a Delegation before Council visit the Delegations page.


For the Schedule of Council meetings scheduled visit the Meeting Calendar page.


There may be occasions when your letter doesn't appear on an agenda when you think it should. This may be because a staff report is being prepared in response to your concerns and your letter will be placed on the same agenda as the staff report. It may be that your concerns are better addressed by a Council Committee. In that event, your letter may be directed to the appropriate Committee for a response. Your letter could relate to an administrative matter that has been referred to the appropriate department to investigate. Alternatively, your letter may contain information which is not suitable for a public agenda and will be dealt with on a confidential basis. If you have questions about a letter you have sent to Mayor and council, please contact the Corporate Officer in Corporate Services / Administration.