Arts & Culture

People Enjoying Art in NelsonNelson has been attracting artists for years. The natural beauty of the region, combined with the many heritage buildings and an already thriving arts community make it an ideal home for artists of every medium. Thanks to these talented individuals and the supportive community, Nelson has earned the title of the number one small arts town in Canada.

Variety of Art

At any time of year you can find local art, not only in the galleries, but also in many local businesses that provide venues for visual art to be displayed. Performing arts and music prospers among the theatres, bars and restaurants in town. The heritage Capitol Theatre brings in performers from all over to complement the local talent. Special events liven the town year round and keep the community enthusiastic about our art. Art has made Nelson a vibrant, thriving community, and we'll be happy to entertain you anytime you come our way.

For more information see the Nelson and District Chamber of Commerce website.