Weekday Warriors After School Program

2023-2024 Weekday Warriors

Weekday Warriors

Weekday Warriors cannot accept drop-ins. Children must be pre-registered before attending.

Weekday Warriors After School Program is for children between the ages of 5 and 12 who are looking to participate in fun and engaging activities after school. Children will be greeted by staff members signing them in, they then will have some free play followed by a healthy snack. Children can utilize all areas of the Youth Centre from skateboarding to art. 

We ask that all families read through our Out-of-School Program Policy prior to registering for Weekday warriors to familiarize themselves with our policies surrounding the program. 

Please click here for 2023-2024 registration forms.

Our Commitment to Children & Families:

The weekday Warriors program is dedicated to strengthening families and our community. We value each family involved in our program and respect the various backgrounds that enrich our program. We recognize that each child is an individual and that each family has different needs and expectations. Our goal is to build partnerships and work with families to help children to grow to be happy, healthy and successful adults. We strive to be part of the community needed to raise the next generation of children. 

Plan ahead and mark your calendars with important holidays and early dismissal dates. The program runs Monday to Friday throughout the school year. We follow the School District Calendar 8 Calendar.

Food Security Titles (2)


The Nelson and District Youth Centre is now offering a Walking School Bus for Hume School students. Students will meet an NDYC staff member on the school basketball courts and walk as a group from the school to the Youth Centre. Students must be registered for this service before participating.


We now offer a walking bus from South Nelson Elementary. an NDYC Staff member will meet the students at the designated meeting place. Once the children are picked up from South Nelson, they will make their way to Wild Flower Elementary to pick-up those students. They will then walk to the Youth Center for active and engaging play. 


Students at Wildflower Elementary will meet the NDYC staff member and students from South Nelson at the designated meeting point. Then will then walk together to the Youth Centre on the designated route. Once they return to the Youth Centre, they are engaged in active, learning and fun experiences!