Community Wildfire Resiliency Plan


Community Wildfire Resiliency Plan

The Community Wildfire Resiliency Plan (CWRP) provides Nelson with an action plan to mitigate the wildfire risk throughout the community. The document shows that roughly 15% of Nelson’s Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) has a moderate wildfire behavior threat or higher, underscoring the importance of the City’s wildfire resiliency program.

The updated CWRP serves as a guide to the improvement and development of emergency and evacuation plans, emergency response, communication and education programs, bylaw development in areas of fire risk, and the management of forests within the municipality. The plan focuses within the City's boundaries and integrates the seven FireSmart principles of education, emergency planning, vegetation management, legislation, development considerations, interagency cooperation, and cross-training.

Along with other recommendations, the CWRP offers 33 action items to mitigate wildfire risks. Although not all recommendations will be undertaken at once, the plan provides a “toolbox of options” for the City to choose from based on priority, resources, capacity, and funding.

A key aspect highlighted by the CWRP is the importance for private property owners to reduce fire risks through a 'values-out' approach, beginning with the immediate surroundings of a structure and moving outward. The plan stresses homeowner responsibility in hazard mitigation which is supported by the free Home Ignition Zone Assessment and rebate program offered by Nelson Fire & Rescue Services.

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