Home Owner Grant

Provincial Home Owner Grant

To be eligible for a Provincial Home Owner Grant, you must:

  • Be the registered property owner
  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada
  • Ordinarily reside in British Columbia
  • Occupy the property as their principal residence. 

The City Of Nelson is required to administer the home owner grant program on behalf of the Province of BC. Home owner grants must be claimed before the due date to avoid penalties.


The home owner grant application should be returned to City Hall or claimed online as soon as possible. It is not necessary to make your tax payment in order to claim the grant. Penalty charges apply to home owner grant amounts if unclaimed by the property tax due date.

Home owner grant applications that are incomplete, unclaimed or late will result in penalty charges.  Home owner grants that are not claimed are considered equivalent to unpaid taxes.

Failure of an intermediary such as a financial institution, Canada Post or lawyer to remit the application on behalf of the owner is a private matter for resolution between the parties involved and is outside the tax collector’s authority and responsibility.  

More Information

Further information regarding the Provincial Home Owner Grant Program is available at City Hall or you can visit the Province of BC  website.

Claim Grant Online

To claim the grant online, you will require the folio number and access code noted on the top of the property tax notice. If you claim online, do not send in the paper application form. If you are not eligible for the home owner grant, do not complete the application form on the bottom of the notice. To find out more about the Home Owner Grant program you can visit the Province of BC  website.