Property Taxes

When Property Taxes Are Due

Property Taxes are due by 4:30pm on the first working day after July 1st.

2023 Property Tax Due Date: July 4, 2023

10% Penalties are applied to outstanding current taxes at the close of business on the due date.  This includes all amounts relating to unclaimed provincial grants.

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Property Tax Rates

Property taxation is the most important single source of municipal revenue. The amount of money that is to be raised through property taxes and a portion of the tax rate is set by Council each year. The tax rate, together with the assessed value of the property, determines the amount of property tax payable each year. Tax rates are expressed in dollars per thousand. A rate of $10 per thousand means that the property owner would pay $10 for every $1,000 of assessed value.

Any Nelson Hydro accounts that are delinquent at the end of the calendar year will be added to the property taxes.

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Assessment Rates

The value of your property, as assessed by the BC Assessment Authority, is multiplied by the tax rates as set out by each of the taxing jurisdictions to determine your property taxes. Questions relating to your property assessment should be referred to the BC Assessment Office.

School Taxes

The municipality acts as the collection agency for school taxes. School taxes on residential property are to be paid to the local school board, while other taxes are paid to the provincial government.

Other Agencies on Your Tax Notice

Several public agencies affect the property tax rate and the amount of property tax collected by the City of Nelson each year. The municipality does not have control over the tax rates set by other agencies for which we collect taxes on behalf of. More information on these agencies is available through their websites:

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