Pest Management

Pest Management

The presence of pests in and around electrical assets can adversely impact structural integrity which threatens workers and public safety and can compromise system reliability. Causes of wood rot, out-of-control vegetation, and noxious weeds in and around Nelson Hydro-owned poles, rights-of-way, and facilities are considered pests. This includes power generating stations, switching stations, substations, wood poles, pole yards, and around concrete dams, penstocks, spillways and diversion channels.

Hydro Pole

Photo Source: Pole Saver

The purpose of Integrated Pest Management balances the need for safe and reliable operation and delivery of electric power while respecting and protecting natural environments. Nelson Hydro is in full compliance with the BC Integrated Pest Management Act through its 5-year Pest Management Plans (PMP). There are three PMPs for Nelson Hydro-owned Wood Poles, Rights-of-Way, and Facilities. PMPs contain prevention, identification, monitoring, protection and procedures for the safe use, handling, and reporting of all products used for pest management within the Nelson Hydro service territory. They also contain protocols to ensure sensitive riparian areas are respected and protected.

The current Pest Management Plans expire July 16th, 2025.