Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety

Call Before You Dig

BC One Call will contact utilities that may have underground facilities in your area. Please call them directly at 1-800-474-6886 to inform them of your construction plans.

Reporting Damage or Unsafe Conditions

To report pole damage, low voltage or partial power, damaged residential or commercial services, trees on electrical lines, or excavation damage to underground electrical lines call 1-250-352-8240.

Downed Lines

Downed or damaged electrical lines can be deadly. Any lines observed in this condition need to be reported so that they can be made safe and repaired by the appropriate personnel.

  • Downed Power LineStay back at least 10 metres or 33 feet. That's about the length of a bus.
  • Dial 911 or 1-877-324-9376 and let them know that a power line has fallen or is damaged.
  • Keep others in the vicinity at least a bus length away.

Take precautions around downed electrical lines and treat any downed line as if it is live. Never assume the power is off. Stay clear of the area and warn others to also remain clear of the area.

If a tree falls or leans into an energized electrical line, the tree and the ground at the base of the tree could become energized and the tree could ignite and start a fire. Keep a good distance clear. If a fire occurs, call 9-1-1 immediately.

Working Near Power Lines

  1. Look Up and Down: Plan your work so you can avoid contact with power lines. Make sure you look for power lines overhead and underground.
  2. Stay Back: Keep a safe distance from the lines. Follow the WorkSafeBC Regulation for the Limits of Approach and stay back the appropriate distance from power lines and electrical equipment.
  3. Call for Help: If you come across a fallen power line, an exposed underground power line, or an object that comes into contact with a power line, stay back 10 metres or 33 feet and call 9-1-1.

Nelson Hydro may be able to temporarily disconnect the electric service line into your home if you’re trimming your trees, repairing your roof, or painting near the line. Please call 1-250-352-8240 to inquire.